• Krystal Moran

Ways to Pass the Time at Home

Here's a list of fun and unique ways to pass the time at home.

◌ Bake something new.... here's one of my favorite websites for finding new recipes. These Quadruple Chocolate Soft Fudgy Cookies are AMAZING!

◌ Build an obstacle or agility course for your dog and/or child using cardboard boxes, chairs, empty buckets, or whatever else you have around your home.

◌ Paint something on the cement of your back patio. Here's an example of someone who painted the game Twister on their cement.

◌ Use objects around the house to try and recreate the tune of a favorite song with your family. Andrew Huang takes this idea to the next level on his Youtube channel. This video featuring a mashup of the top songs of 2016 is great!

◌ Color outside with chalk.

◌ Become a TikTok-er. TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps worldwide. It features billions of videos that are no more than 60 seconds long. Creators of all levels, ages, and skill types upload content that can be enjoyed by others worldwide. It's fun to create, or to just watch. Here are a few of my favorites a song about quarantine life, a squirrel in the bathroom, a family that dances together, and a funny cat.

Break a "house rule" you normally follow like eat ice cream for dinner or play soccer inside.

Play "keep the balloon from touching the ground". It's a silly game but whether you play with 2 people or 6, it can get be as tame or as rowdy of a game as you'd like.

◌ Fill balloons with watered down paint and throw them at your backyard wall, canvas, or pieces of paper to create a fun work of art.

◌ Order one of our DIY Craft Kits! These kits come with a variety of projects that include all the tools and materials needed to complete it.

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