Change is Good Metal Stamped Keychain Charm


This isn't just another keychain.  It's a movement, a reminder, and a source of encouragement.  Not only is this keychain charm handmade, down to the lettering being handstamped, it's also a unique piece that delivers a powerful reminder each time it's looked at.  Change is a good thing.  Let's embrace it!  

Change is Good Keychain

  • Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, letters and/or shading of enamel in the creases of the lettering may vary.  Fading of the enamel overtime is possible.  You can fill in thr crevices with sharpie to darken the letters back up and then use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess.  Applying a thin even coat of clear nail polish can help slow the fading process.

    Materials used to make this piece will last longer when not exposed to harsh weather, water, or chemicals.

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