Change is Good Glitter Sun Catcher with Handwritten Calligraphy


This isn't just another piece of decor.  It's a movement, a reminder, and a source of encouragement.  The color and sparkle of this handcrafted sun catcher gorgeous all while delivering a powerful reminder each time it's looked at.  Change is a good thing.  Let's embrace it! 


These suncatchers can be displayed in so many places- a window, on the edge of a mirror, in your planner, next to your wall calendar, on the fridge-- so many possibilities!  These pieces are handwritten on acrylic disks that have been decorated with glitter for extra sparkle and shine.  The suncatcher will come with a string tied on so it's ready to hang upon unpackaging.  A longer sting will also be included incase your displaying needs are different.  Simply cut the existing string off and use the other provided string.  


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Sun Catcher with Handwritten Calligraphy

  • I make each suncatcher by hand and sometimes certain colors or details may vary slightly. 

    Materials used to make this piece will last longer when not exposed to harsh weather, water, or chemicals.

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